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We will start back our Sunday Night Services with Worship and a Message 2/4/2024

This will not be Live streamed.  Come and get filled!

Excel Assembly Of God

Caring People Caring for People

Welcome to Excel Assembly of God. This is a church that has survived over many years of change because it was willing to transition with the times. It began as a very conservative traditional church relative to its time, but it has now transitioned to a church that is on the cutting edge of ministry in its community with contemporary worship and a real heart for ministry to a younger generation. We love and honor our older adults because we know that it was their sacrifices and efforts that have given the younger generation the spring board into the future. When you enter the doors today you will be warmly welcomed by a host of age groups. Inside you will find people from various cultural backgrounds and every status of our society. We seek to be a 'whosoever' church that is dedicated to Reaching Up, Reaching Out and Touching Lives.

Church Times
Sunday -  9:30 Sunday School
Sunday - 10:30 Worship/Message

Now 6:00 PM!!!!
Wednesday - 6:30p.m  Worship/Message

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